To be here and watch you breathe your last

My name is Loki, Son of Frigga. I come from the Realm Eternal, though I do not belong there. I live on Midgard these days, and one day I may even find a home. Speak to me if you wish, though do try to be interesting about it. I have other things to tend to.

Independent Loki RP blog. My mainverse is Agent of Asgard verse. Will contain NSFW, which isn't always tagged, but I try to tag all triggers. Muse is 18+. Mun is 18 in August so smut at own risk.

My tracked tag is #rightfulking. I accept M!A's and anything, really. I RP with anyone, OC's included, and I'm open to any and all relationships. This blog is extremely MultiVerse.

Please read my blog guidelines.

Current M!A: None

Mind Control || Bucky

Loki pulled back and released him with a wicked grin. “You’ll find out what we’re going to do, soldier.”